Pause button please

Do you ever wish there were more hours in the day to achieve everything you want? Wait, silly question. Of course you do. Who doesn’t!

Some days I feel like I need to just skip the sleep part just to fit in everything I want to do. And this isn’t about fitting in everything I have to do. I manage the essentials pretty well, with time left for getting a little creative, possibly due to neglecting half my housework as I prefer to fill my time with fun stuff. But there are so many new things I wish I had time to master.

My mum always said she wished she knew how to crochet so I suggested she learn from YouTube tutorials like a friend did. Her response – ‘Why don’t you?’.  I told her I have no time for a new hobby. I am already fully loaded with all my other ones (digital and traditional scrapbooking, project life, photography, running a small business, being a domestic goddess etc). She told me to give one up. Pfft! As if I am going to give up something I love. I just wish I had more time to discover new things I might love.

It is the same with things like web design, business development & learning how to sew. I simply don’t have that many hours left to learn something new completely and utterly these days. Pity! New things are fun. However I get my little bit of a fix through getting better at the things I do make time for at least.

What new skill would you chose if you had endless time to learn?


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