That new years resolution

You know the one. The “I will get fit” or “I will lose weight” style resolution that everyone makes, every year. Yeah, I’ve done it!

However my motivation isn’t about looking good so much (although it’s a bonus). It is a lot more about feeling good, but far more motivated by being in tip top shape to start planning for that next addition to our family.

I have some really bad habits. Well one bad habit really: Chocolate. When I was pregnant and for much of the past year since, I could easily eat a whole packet of Arnotts mint slice or a block of Nestle Aero in a single sitting. Barely a day passes that I don’t have some sort of chocolate. But by some miracle I have managed to bounce back to pre-baby weight without effort (thank you breast feeding!!).

Sure my body isn’t the same. My stomach is softer. Clothes don’t fit as nicely. I have a few stretch marks. But overall, there are no complaints here.

So my resolution to get fitter, healthier and all that is far more about getting my body back into optimal shape because at 30+, there is no way it’s bouncing back this well after another pregnancy if I keep at it like I do. What this means for me is attempts at cleaner eating and increasing my intake of ‘good’ foods plus trying to do a little exercise. Mostly focusing on core strength exercises, since it’s hot and I’m kinda lazy!

So here’s to my best post baby 1 body… before my waistline (hopefully) starts to grow again in a few months time!


One thought on “That new years resolution

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