Everything but the kitchen sink…

We are headed off for our longest family holiday yet, since our daughter came along. We have had a few long weekends away. One to Sydney when she was a tiny 3 months old and another to the Gold Coast just before I went back to work from maternity leave. But this one is a whole 5 days. And she is no longer the tiny baby that is content to be held, sit in a pram or sleep in a portacot. Nope… we’ve entered the toddler years and suddenly the packing list seems to get longer.

Lucky for us our daughter is an easy child, demanding little and happily going with the flow, so we have never raised so much as an eyebrow at the thought of travelling with her. So much that is the case that we are in fact heading overseas in March to Vietnam for 2 weeks. She will be 16 months by then.

Knowing that we are holidaying for 2 weeks overseas and not wanting to have an excess of luggage, since it all has to fit in 2 suitcases and 2 carry ons, the plan is to of course pack lightly. The weather is in our favour with it being somewhat similar to our current Australian summer temperatures but there is so much extra needed when travelling with a person under 10. Specific baby/toddler items especially, like nappies & wipes. But other things that take up room too, such as snacks, toys or just in case stuff. The idea of packing light suddenly seems a whole lot more challenging.

For this mini break to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast we are taking this weekend, we are taking lots of extras. Enough sets of clothes for twice as many days. A few toys. Beach gear. I even wanted to take her smart trike but hubby said no (A little excessive when the family car is a hatchback).

In some ways this trip is practice for Vietnam, but I certainly haven’t packed the way I would for that trip. It is going to be a challenge. But the cost of living other there is so cheap so essentially we can just buy certain stuff over there. I’m sure we could buy our daughter a whole new wardrobe on the trip… and a few new dresses, shoes and bags for mummy too!

All this reminds me… I had better get those entry Visas organised 🙂


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