Bored Toddler Alert

It still sounds so strange to refer to our little miss as a toddler instead of a baby, but at almost 14 months, she’s a baby no more. How bittersweet! And with the toddler years, along come all these new habits, skills & needs. With that comes new challenges.

We’ve had it pretty lucky with this parenting gig. No sleepless nights. Barely noticeable teething. And thus far, not a single illness (touch wood). Overall, it’s been relatively easy in comparison to what it could have been. So it’s quite alright that our current dilemma is something with a hopefully simple cure.

Our daughter is a bright cookie, and being first time parents, we have little for comparison so we are easily impressed. But even with the over abundance of toys from her first birthday & Christmas, she’s already growing bored & getting into mischief. She is especially active in the evenings when we would love a little sit down & relax time.

A trip to the shops for new entertainment is planned with a few things already in mind.
– alphabet magnet set as she loves the magnets on the fridge
– an etch a sketch

But there are plenty of ideas for home too. Like boxes with lids filled with small items, or other boxes as she loves opening things. A surprise cupboard. Currently she loves pulling things out of boxes & stacking them so that’s nice cheap fun.

Although there is one extra special birthday gift she has taken a real fancy to this week. Her quiet book. This was a gift from her grandparents & at first held little interest but in the past week she has been entertained for hours overall. So I had this great idea… Why not make some? Seems easy enough… Right? Except I can’t sew. Hmm… Could be more challenging than I originally planned, but I’m going to try anyway (with a little help from mum & her sewing machine).

What entertains your little people the best?



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