{Organisation} A List for Everything

I will admit that I have always liked a good to do list. There is a great sense of accomplishment with crossing an item off of that list… and better still, crossing that final item off and throwing it in the bin. Although I will admit also that I do not always get to that last item or two on the list. It seems I like to throw in one or two mega tasks that I know I won’t be achieving in the near future… just for fun or something!

It seems these days to do lists are even more important. There was once a time when I was extremely organised and had an impeccable memory. A to list was not really a necessity back then. Times have changed. I think it is affectionately referred to as mummy brain by most. I am a believer that it may actually be a real thing.

No longer can I do things just because I remember to do them. Now a list is necessary for  me to keep at it and get things done. I forget some really unexpected things these days so the lists are a safe option.

At the moment I have a list that has about 30 items on it, none of which I managed to cross off today. Oops! That list has some big things on it and a lot of smaller things, many relating to our upcoming overseas holiday. But I find writing it down does give me a sense of commitment to completing most of the tasks compared to if it was just one of those things you will get around to one day.

And with my plan to simplify and declutter my life, the list is a vital tool in achieving that goal, one baby step at a time! So I think I might go check out that list right this minute and see how many of those items I can tick off at almost 11pm on a Tuesday night 😉


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