{Travel} Packing for a toddler

So here we are, 2 sleeps before our family holiday to Vietnam. Our first overseas trip since our daughter was born.

We are travelling for 2 weeks through 4 different cities in Vietnam, 2 long haul flights from Australia, 2 internal flights in Vietnam, 2 three hour bus trips, a 2 night cruise & lots of walking, eating & dodging crazy traffic. So what do you pack?

Being a warm climate, we can at least pack light with clothes. It’s not a fancy place, so casual works just fine for all 3 of us. For miss 16 months, all the basics…t-shirts, shorts, onesies, a light cotton dress, swimmers, pjs. Enough outfits for each day of holiday plus 2 as toddlers are messy. Then the usual baby stuff… Enough nappies for each day. I packed mostly pull ups as I am not sure how clean facilities outside of the resorts. Baby wipes, sunscreen, bug spray, hat, shoes, socks, jacket, disposable bibs, teething gel, kids plastic cutlery, plate & bowl, sippy cup, toys, food.

There’s supposed to be plenty of baby food in Vietnam but to be sure, I am taking lots of familiar snacks and a few baby food pouches for meals on the run. When a child is tired and over stimulated in a new place, having some home comforts will go a long way.

To make life easier I have made snack packs in sandwich bags. Each sandwich bag has a variety of my daughters favourite snacks like muesli bars, dried fruit, risks, crackers etc. I’ve made about 5 of these bags up and put one in our carry on, day bag, and a few in the suitcase. One will be for the trip back home, all ready to go. I also packed all the food pouches in a seperate sandwich bag in case they burst. And all of the meal related items are in a bigger bag so everything is tougher.

At places like Ikea you can get packs of travel organiser bags. This is how I have made our lives easier. Each type of item is in a separate bag inside our suitcases. All our daughters clothes are in one, each of our swimmers in another, our pjs, plus hubby & I have one for each of our undies, tops & bottoms. It makes so much of a difference to staying organised while travelling.

We will also have a portable high chair which is fabric and hooks over the back of a chair and straps them in, plus our ergo baby carrier (which is a new addition just for the trip… Here’s hoping our daughter is ok with spending time in it).

I’m sure there’s other things I’ve forgotten to mention but those are the basics for our first big trip with a toddler.


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