{Travel} Vietnam Holiday – Keys to Success



We are home from our Vietnam holiday and have had 24 hours to settle back into the home routine. So sad it is over but also glad to be back home. I will share some of our travel experiences over the coming few posts so as not to bombard with a mega post all at once. However I am happy to report for the most part, travelling to Vietnam with a 16 month old was mostly pain free.

The keys to our successful trip:

Organisation – having everything in its place so it was quick and easy to find what we needed really helped.

Having Quiet time – There is only so much a little person can handle before they need a break so having an arvo nap or a break from the hustle and bustle made a big difference to everyone’s day.


Accepting that sometimes you cannot do everything you want – Yes, we had a few moments like these. And there were a few things we would have liked to see that we did not quit fit in, but we saw most of what we planned to and have no regrets.


Improvising – Trying to keep the luggage light meant there was not a lot of room for entertainment items, like toys. So sometimes you just have to roll with whatever the kids find amusing at the time. It may not be something you would allow at home, but it sure will be a relief for a few moments peace on the road.


This may even mean letting your toddler play with the complimentary tea and coffee satchets in the hotel room for an hour if that’s what they fancy (while wearing a conical hat… of course).

And most important of all, just relax. You are on holiday. No need to stress. It is time to have fun as a family so make sure you make that the most important step of all. A happy parent helps make a happy toddler 😉







2 thoughts on “{Travel} Vietnam Holiday – Keys to Success

  1. Your kids are absolutely adorable! I liked this post a lot. I think even those that don’t have kids can relate to your tips for a good trip. If I don’t have quiet time during a lengthy trip, I tend to get grumpy. And I probably am just like a child in the funny ways I can find to entertain myself during long airport waits and such. Great post!



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