{Travel} Vietnam Holiday – Toddler Challenges

So I have told you what helped make our holiday an overall success. For the most part, things were relatively easy, but of course there were a few ‘killmenow’ moments that come from travelling with a determined 16 month old.

Meal time was the most challenging. We were as prepared as we thought we could be. We took lots of Western style food pouches and snacks, but our daughter is a pretty good eater and loves rice and noodles, so she mostly ate parts of our meals.

And luckily enough, most of the places we went for meals (which I will admit were mostly the resorts/cruise restaurants) actually had high chairs available. That was the biggest challenge we expected, forgetting our daughter can be a small eater and likes to throw her food on the ground when she’s done.

Some days she was too tired for dinner which was likely due to the time difference. We tried offering food earlier, but she prefers what we eat. So by the time dinner time came around, she was tired, grumpy and sometimes had little patience for waiting til the food came. Or she was over it before we finished eating. That meant trying our hardest to entertain her at the dinner table, sometimes with quiet toys, Peppa Pig videos on my phone or having her on one of our knees while we ate.


The worst nights actually meant tag team dinner. One would eat while the other let her run around outside, coming in to swap while the other quickly scoffs down their next course. That was painful!

We decided against electronic gadgets like an iPad or Leappad game console to amuse her as she manages without these things at home. But Peppa Pig really did become our saviour at times so if you’re willing, a device loaded up with kid stuff is a worthy addition to your travel took kit. The quiet book only amused for so long!

We did not really get to see any of the night time sights. We probably could have ventured out with little miss in the carrier and hopefully sleeping. But we tended to let her sleep. That worked for us, but it did mean our Vietnam by night experience is limited to the airport drive on arrival and through the window of our city hotels.

But in saying that, we saw the bulk of what we wanted to see. And those things we missed… well that makes for a good excuse to go back again!


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