{Parenting} Excited for Potty Time

Uh oh… It happened. That pre-parenthood disbelief that one day you would be cheering someone on for pee pee… Or bragging to friends about that rather personal milestone in your child’s life. Oh yeah… Yesterday that was me.

We recently purchased a basic potty for miss 16 months, knowing toilet training time was to be part of our future. We hadn’t given it much of a go with the trip & all, but yesterday I saw an opportunity & had about 10 minutes of potty time while watching Peppa Pig on my phone (thank you again Peppa… I’m starting to love you).

Expecting nothing after sitting my daughter back down a handful of times, I was excited (yes… Excited!) to see a moderate sized puddle in the potty.

What followed was cheering, clapping, an email to the hubby & a proud mumma facebook status. Oh dear! I became one of those mums. The horror that someone else’s bodily fluids could make me happy. That’s the power of a mother’s love I suppose!

I promise I will refrain from publicly sharing news of my daughter’s first bowel movements though… Promise 😉


How did you react to your child’s first toilet training successes?

I have heard great things about this e-book – Potty Train in a Weekend, so I will be giving this method a try when I have a few days at home next.


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