Back to study

Recently I decided I was no longer feeling as challenged and inspired in my current career. As a psychologist working in a forensic setting, there were of course plenty of options within this diverse field to consider, but a bigger change was needed.

Since becoming a mummy, I now have this strong desire to work with children & funny enough, my new career goal came out of a dream. I have decided to go back to uni (online) and study teaching.

Lucky enough here in Australia this means only a graduate diploma in education if you have relevant tertiary qualifications already and is only 1-1.5 years full time. I got my uni acceptance via email today.

I’m taking it on part time while sticking it out in my current job for a couple more years. I am only part time at work so it should be manageable (despite my need to have a million hobbies at once).

I’m pretty excited. I love study and I can’t wait to try something new. I also love that this career will allow me a chance to use some of my creativity as compared to psychology.

Although the psych degree & experience isn’t a waste. After a few years teaching, I plan to work as a school guidance counsellor, so another chance for something new.

Cheers to me…. Psychologist, mum, small business owner, diy-er & now student 😉



5 thoughts on “Back to study

  1. change is scary…but somehow you have made it sound fun! most people just settle in for the routine when the kids start coming but you are about to make a whole different turn in your career and still excited…I salute your courage

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    • Thank you so much. I hadn’t considered it that way, but you are right. It is exciting and I will be lucky enough to hopefully have the chance to experience a whole new career when many people only get this once. Life is one big adventure and having kids should enhance the journey, not put a stop to it.


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