{DIY} Project Life

I have been a scrapbooker for many years now. While many people start once they have kids, I kicked off my scrapbooking hobby after an overseas trip, as a great way to incorporate my photos and memorabilia into the one place. From there the hobby really took off and I have since been on many design teams for scrapbooking manufacturers, stores and challenge blogs.

Apart from those very early pages that were extremely basic, flat and symmetrical, my scrapbooking style became very 3D and interactive. Lots of large embellishments and layers of papers and flowers. This means I had to switch to D-ring scrapbooking binders just to fit my pages and in fact, many are still in piles in my craft room waiting to be added to albums.

When my daughter was born, I started to have a little panic. If I kept scrapbooking the way I was, the pages were going to take over my house. We would be buried alive by scrapbooks. Uh oh! So I needed a solution to my creative overflow.

That’s when I found Project Life, which is a simplified way of scrapbooking as created by a well known figure in the scrapbooking industry, Becky Higgins. Project Life can be described as a combination of old style pocket photo albums and modern day scrapbooking, essentially turning each of those little ‘pockets’ into a mini scrapbook layout. This can  be done as simply as sticking photos in pockets and journal cards in others, with nothing more than a pen to write your memories, or it can be a little more elaborate, with embellishments, digital scrapbooking elements and mixed media.

Project Life is not only simple, and compact, but it also has me scrapbooking the every day moments that got lost with traditional scrapbooking, when you often end up choosing the best photo with the not so important memory attached. It is perfect for me. And a whole year of project life fits in one or two albums, as opposed to about 10 pages of my previous traditional style layouts.

You can learn more here

So when my daughter was about a month old, I got my first order of Project Life supplies and started on a baby album, which included a backward scrapbook of my pregnancy and birth. All you need to get started is:

  1. 12×12 Binder
  2. Project Life Core Kit
  3. Big Pack of Photo Pocket Pages

Since this time most other scrapbooking manufacturers have since jumped on the pocket scrapbooking bandwagon and have their own versions of card packs and albums, such as Kaisercraft, Bo Bunny, WRMK, MME etc. So many choices, not to mention the abundance of free journal cards you can find on the net to print yourself.

Depending on where you are located, Amazon stocks a huge range of Project Life and pocket scrapbooking products, although delivery is not available to all countries (like mine).


Or for us here in Australia & NZ where Amazon doesn’t ship, try:

Craft House

So if you have been looking for a space saving way to keep up with your memory keeping, Project Life may be just the thing you are looking for.

I will do another post soon to tell you how I minimised my scrapbooking habits even more with digital project life 🙂




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