{Organisation} iNSD Declutter

So this Saturday is (Inter) National Scrapbooking Day. I am not sure where it all started but it is a thing that’s been going on for a couple of years now and well celebrated amongst scrapbookers around the world. Even here in Australia 🙂 It is all a bit of fun and a good time to use up some of the ever growing supplies us scrapbookers like to hoard.

Personally I am not sure how much scrapbooking I will get done this weekend due to family events and other going ons, but it is a good excuse to start getting into this dreaded craft room and start sorting it out, so this week I will be sharing a couple of craft room decluttering projects.

The first item on the agenda, downsize my magazine collection. I was previously subscribed to all of the major scrapbooking magazines in Australia but these days, only 1 physical and one digital subscription.

This morning I went through the massive pile of magazines and pulled out only the ones I have had the honour of being published in (yes, I’m scrapbook famous). And the rest… well I listed them up on an online garage sale group on Facebook along with a couple of other supplies I had previously tried to sell. And what do you know… half of my listed items have already been purchased, which means a little bit of cash while taking the first step of downsizing my ‘crap’. I removed 68 magazines in total. I now have 1.5 empty cubes in my Ikea Expedit! And the remaining magazines fit into the space I had in a couple of magazine holders.

Do you still subscribe to magazines? What do you do with your old ones once you’ve read them?


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