{Photography} Capturing those moments

Recently I was looking for a clear, smiling photograph of my daughter that I could use for a certain project but realised most of the photos I have of her recently are from my iphone, blurred because she never sits still or just action shots filled with background clutter. Up until a couple of months ago, I did regular photo shoots at home with her so I was a little disappointed in myself that it had been a while.

With that in mind, I was determined to capture some good updated photos of her, only this time decided it would be nice to include a few with other family members and loved ones too, thus making Easter a perfect time for updated photos.

Here are a couple of the favourites (although the sunlight was still a bit harsh even in the shade for a sunny Queensland Easter):




And a couple of tips from a fellow amateur for capturing your own photos you can be happy with.

Keep them candid. Posing a child or toddler can be near impossible so your best option is to just go with the flow. It results in more natural smiles too.

Natural light is a must. Outdoors or well lit areas of the house with natural sunlight are optimal. But direct sunlight can be too harsh so try the shaded area on a sunny day or either the early morning sun or late afternoon sun when it is softer.

Move. There is no point trying to capture photos all from the same spot. You’ve got to change your perspective and get right in there with the camera.

Keep the camera handy at all times. I am always ready for an on the spot photo shoot with our daughter. Some of the best photos are those captured spontaneously simply because the camera was nice and close and easily accessible.

Don’t stress. Not every play with the camera will be a success but the more you practice, the better chance you have of capturing photos you actually love!

And a favourite from a later trip to the park the following week (Still not perfect on the timing but how great is that smile?):


Having a good photo editing software helps too, just to tweak those photos a little more. I will do a photo editing post soon.

Happy snapping 🙂



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