I Think I Broke My Blog

I spontaneously decided to upgrade to a proper domain for my blog tonight (as it meant I could get a free full version of winzip, so I kinda got sucked in to the offer). Now my blog isn’t loading half the time. Eeeekkkkkk

I’m a total novice when it comes to this technical side of things. If you can see this post, or my blog in general, please tell me. Hoping it all comes good by the time I wake up since it is 2am here and I have a back injury and need some sleep!

Fingers crossed…


9 thoughts on “I Think I Broke My Blog

  1. As the above commentors said, it’s all good. We can see everything! The technical side of blogging can be hard at times and takes a while to learn – that include design, CSS, domain, servers etc.. Can be one big headache. Hope your back gets better soon!


  2. Thanks Mabel. Still pretty sore today but nothing compared to last night… and relieved to see my blog is alive and kicking today 🙂 Such a big learning curve but fun…. usually.


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