I’ll Have Milk, Eggs and a New Back Please…

We live in such a disposable world these days, with almost anything available for purchase and replacement. We have come to be so reliant on our ability to duck down to the shops or easier yet, jump online and purchase an endless array of goods and services.

Yet not everything is replaceable.

My past week has been spent in pain. At times such severe, agonising pain that it almost brought me to tears more than once. It made me lose patience and snap at my husband (he may have deserved it). And it caused fear. The fear that maybe this isn’t going away as quickly as I’d like. Maybe it’s never going away completely.

At the start of the week I woke up with a phantom back injury, with intense bursts of pain shooting up the left side of my back with every little twist and turn. There had been niggling little pains over the past few months, especially when I picked up my daughter, but like us mothers’ do, life goes on. However on Wednesday it may have been one time too many for my poor, over-strained back and it put up a protest before I even got out of bed.

As a result, my week has been one of rest, remedial massage, heat packs, anti-inflammatories and time off work (how unfortunate), but also one of reflection. There are many people in my life who experience pain as part of their every day. Chronic pain that can sometimes be so debilitating that getting out of bed can feel like the greatest challenge of all. Pain medication only does so much yet life must go on.

Some of the most special people in my life struggle through pain like this. Pain that has gone on for years, with some days better than others, but other days that just hurt. Having only a small venture into that world of pain, it breaks my heart knowing some of my loved ones are suffering like this.

Imagine if you no longer had the same quality of life you were accustomed to. Suddenly simple tasks like vacuuming, playing your favourite sport or worse… picking up your child or grandchild, is painful, difficult or even impossible. It can really turn your whole world upsidedown because suddenly nothing is what it was. You have to relearn how to live just to adjust to life with your ‘pain’.

It really does remind you to cherish the good stuff and make the most of what you do have. Not only that, but try to put yourself in the shoes of others. Having this brief experience of pain has helped me to gain a little more insight into the frustrations of those around me and the pain they live with every day.

Sometimes we need a reminder.


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