Look Up, Shut Down, Live Life

Such a powerful video. I’m guilty of this.  Are you?


4 thoughts on “Look Up, Shut Down, Live Life

  1. I actually love this video so much; it’s oh so true. I saw a similar Youtube video a few months back, and notice more than ever how people are glued to their phones when on the train or the tube. We should all go back to writing letters! haha

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    • Letters would be great. I pestered my hubby for a couple of years to get Facebook because he seemed to be the only person on the planet without it. Now a couple of years on, he’s glued to it when he’s home. Drives me insane! My mother’s day request will be switching off phones/ipads/computers. I wonder if I will get it though lol


      • Haha! That’s a brilliant idea. I’m always weighing up the pros and cons of having Facebook and Twitter… Debating whether or not I actually need it or use it constructively.

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  2. I only just started twittering. It’s a bit confusing haha But I am a little addicted to FB at times myself… plus run a business through it. More so, I could lose hours with Pinterest. Best.Site.Ever!


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