Friends Without Kids

What… another video? Yep. Seems there are a few bits of viral video gold floating about at the moment!

I was procrastinating on facebook for a few minutes since my daughter has just gone to bed and my husband is not yet home from work and I have that hour or two to myself to do ‘stuff’ and I found this this great video.

Personally, I love my time at home. Maybe it comes with working in a people orientated industry (psychology) and therefore really making the most of the time I don’t have to speak to, analyse and assess others. Or it’s because I have far too many solo creative hobbies that I enjoy far too much to want to leave the house if I don’t have to…

But I can totally relate to this video! Because there have been many an occasion when a childless friend just doesn’t get it! But at the same time, we do okay. We haven’t completely stopped living like some of our parent friends. Our daughter is adaptable and we still enjoy a meal out, a function with her in tow, or an occasional trip to the cinemas (without her).

Seriously friends… it’s not because I’ve stopped loving you. I just cherish my home time because often it’s easier than toddler wrangling!


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