Sew Cute & a Sale

Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely mother’s out there!!

This is my second Mother’s Day so I am looking forward to a day of being spoilt a little and catching up with my own mother to give her the gift I’ve had ready to go for ages. I will share details tomorrow… in case she happens to read this before I see her 😉

As you may have noticed in some of my earlier posts, I am have started the journey of learning how to sew since the start of this year. I am not sure what motivated me initially. Pinterest most likely… It’s a little bit addictive! But since that time I have purchased my own machine (and stopped holding mum’s hostage) and had a bit of practice on a few fairly basic projects.

Let’s just say I have a lot of learning left to do but there have been a couple of projects I have been proud of. Such as these cute little tops I made my daughter. They are fairly simple and were from a free tutorial I found online here. DSC_0481Okay so you maybe can’t see the top so well in this pic, but I had to share it. My daughter loves our cats. The cats maybe not so much…


This photo even has the backdrop of Halong Bay for extra appeal 😉

And the purple polka dot version… over a onesie now that the cooler weather has kicked in. Apparently it’s exhausting!


It’s been a couple of months since I pulled out my sewing machine, due to our overseas holiday and how crazy things have been since we got back, however I’ve been checking out all the free project goodness over at Craftsy and realised they have an online flash sale today. Woot! It even includes up to half price on some classes. Hmm… might be a good time to purchase a sewing class or supplies perhaps!!


Craftsy’s Birthday Flash Sale! Get select online classes at up to 50% off for a limited time only. You won’t see so many classes with prices this low again soon. Hurry, offer expires May 11th at 11:59pm MT. Shop Craftsy’s Birthday Flash Sale!

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