Reflections On Being a Mother

Mother, mum, mummy, mom, mamma, mommy, ma… being a mother is so much more than just a title.

Mothers’ are the ultimate multi-taskers, with a job description that is both endless and dynamic. Being a mother comes with more challenges than you can anticipate but is also more rewarding than any other role you will ever have.

Right from the beginning when that tiny seed of a human begins to grow inside, already there is some kind of magic at play. It still astounds me to know all of that happened inside of my body. Mothers’ really are some kind of superhero. The best kind!

Choosing to be a mother is the ultimate unselfish act. What makes a good mother is not the material things such as buying the nicest clothing, having the ultimate education or giving your child the most expensive gifts. These things count very little in the grand scheme of things. To be a good mother it is so much more and within the grasp of anyone from any socioeconomic background.

Being able to make sacrifices to benefit your child are the makings of a good mother (… or father). Sure there will be some things you may miss… but they seem so insignificant when comparing to the reward of raising your child with everything you’ve got to give! So you may miss a night out here or there… or suddenly be thrust into a world of sleepless nights and dirty nappies, but are these things really that big of a deal? Not so much.

Not if it means waking up to these ever changing, growing, thriving little people who become your whole world all while they are learning how this world works and where they fit into it. I gladly give up these things if it means having a cuddle and kiss from my daughter or a giggle at the latest funny habit she learns.

These simple things make me feel like the richest person in the world. No amount of material possessions could compare to the love of a child by their mother.

And not a single moment has passed, even during those moments when your patience is tested, would I wish any of it away.

To all the mothers out there who may be reading this: Remember to take a moment every so often to stop and reflect on how lucky you are. And to remember you are doing a great job. There is no “right” way to parent, so long as try your hardest!


Happy Mother’s Day  xo



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