100 Happy Days Challenge


Have heard of the 100 happy days challenge?

I noticed sometime in March this hashtag popping up all over my Facebook and Instagram feeds #100happydays and being the curious person I am, I decided to check it out.

Turns out it’s pretty awesome. Simply a personal challenge to find happiness in some part of your day for 100 days in a row. Doesn’t sound too hard, does it?

It can be the simple things, like enjoying your favourite food, sharing a special moment with a loved one or having a good hair day. Happiness is different for each of us and as it is a personal challenge, there is no one to compete with. It is just a quick way of reminding ourselves to look for a bit of happy in each of our days.

You can post your daily photo to instagram, twitter, facebook etc. Tag them #100happydays… or don’t. Just do it for you maybe! You can find out more here.

Youย can follow along my progress on Instagramย  (Harmonysweetpea). A bit of a contradiction to my life through the lens post here, but this is a pretty darn good excuse to get 1 photo a day ๐Ÿ˜‰ Today mine was chocolate haha Yes, it makes me happy!

For unrelated news… kind of (it is on the topic of photos), Blurb are having a sale. 25% off first orders or 15% off otherwise on photo books until 31st May. Perfect timing… I have a wedding album I need to finish for a friend and this is just the motivation to get it done! Photo books can be expensive business so I try and jump on the sales when they come up.


9 thoughts on “100 Happy Days Challenge

  1. I’ve been seeing this 100 Happy Days challenge everywhere on Facebook and Instagram too. I find it’s one of the more creative challenges around, reminding us that happiness is what we make of of the things around us. Before I turn in to bed at night, I reflect on the day and think of one good thing that happened. Today, I said “Thank you” to the tram driver in the morning on the way to work, and he actually said, “You’re welcome” back ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • I love that you’ve made a habit out of reflecting on the good things each day. That is powerful and such a wonderful idea. I think we get so busy in our lives at times we forget to stop and focus on those things that do make us really happy.


      • That is so true. We can get caught up in rushing to work, back home, taking care of the family and so on that we forget to stop for a breather. I hope you find some form of happiness each day, Holly. You sound like the kind that can do so.

        I would participate in the 100-day Happiness Challenge…it sounds lovely but I’m one for storing all my happy moments and memories in my heart and express them through feelings. A bit complex, I know ๐Ÿ™‚

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        • I am pretty good at finding the positives and have found myself to be quite laid back these days. Husband’s influence perhaps. When we stop stressing so much about the little things, its easier to find that daily happiness.

          And of course we all have our own ways of enjoying these moments! Do what is already working, I say ๐Ÿ™‚


    • It’s such an easy one to do (providing you remember each day) but rewarding at the same time. I love seeing everyone else’s happy days. I admit mine is largely dominated by photos of my daughter… and chocolate! LOL


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