… Offspring returned last week on Channel 10. Game of Thrones is always delivering on excitement and action. Otherwise just a bit of this, a bit of that. Not watching so much TV at the moment… unless you count the endless Peppa Pig and similar that my daughter watches on ABC2.


…to Dead Letter Circus, who are an Australian alternative rock band who I happen to see in concert on the weekend. Being a parent to a toddler, and also having a passion for quiet nights in, with chocolate, PJs and a good movie, I rarely do take the opportunity to see live music these days but thought I’d make an exception for this band… and the gig was nearby. This is one of my fave songs:


…chocolate. Nothing new there. I have a problem. Chocoholics Anonymous anyone?


…water. Yep, I’m pretty boring. Not a tea or coffee drinker, currently trying to conceive so not so keen on the alcohol. I’m not a big drinker anyway. I keep it simple.


… pyjamas of course. That’s my staple. Although when this post goes live, I will be wearing a uniform on day one of work related training. Boring! But always with a splash of personality with my black and white polka dot converse sneakers.


… a tad bit tired after an epic weekends of gig, celebrating husband’s birthday and a work related function at an animal park (the same one I did high school work experience at). Seriously, I need a day to recover!


…is overcast. Cool but still just t-shirt or very light jacket sort of weather, but socks or slippers are welcome. It may rain. Hope not.


… more hours in the day. I have so much going on at once lately and there’s a lot I simply have no time for. I do have a bad habit of committing to too much and wanting to do everything. I’m only one person. Sometimes I need to remind myself to step back.


…for a big fat positive on my next attempt at peeing on a stick. Not holding my breath though. I think falling pregnant may take a while this time round. And perhaps the bit above is contributing. Another motivation to ween.


…the fact that I have such an incredibly full life with so many great people, hobbies, and as much as I hate it at times lately, paid employment. Can’t really complain!


2 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Relaxing with chocolate sounds so divine! Best of luck in your pregnancy attempts. It is such an emotional time but I pray it happens right when it is supposed to!

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