I Did It!!!

For the length of my career as a psychologist I have dreaded the thought of group intervention and program delivery. That completely irrational fear that public speaking could result in some horrendous personal fate is what lead to my complete avoidance.

For 7 years I have somehow dodged the bullet to attend the training for our correctional specialty programs, instead becoming something of an expert on everything related, without being directly involved.

However it finally caught up with me & I got placed on the training course. Today was day 3.

The training is for the facilitation of a high intensity 6 month substance abuse program designed for high security offenders. It’s pretty heavy. Yet what’s somewhat amusing is the fact that the main reason I avoided so long was fear of the actual training. Or more specifically of the presentation needed to pass the training.

Today was my presentation. Up first of all the facilitator pairs. Just my luck!

We had to present a 45 minute session to our group & trainers based on one of the sessions. The session was picked for us & we got a pretty easy one thankfully. The rest of the group got to act as prisoner participants… But they didn’t get too into character that early on.

Our session pretty much rocked! Catering for all the different adult learning styles, a hilarious energiser, practical activities relating to the content and a total ‘Dad-joke’ style closing activity with a blow up guitar & the question “What struck a cord with you today?”.

Feedback was all positive & apparently my inner torment & fear was completely disguised by a cool, calm and collected persona.

Training is for another 2 days but the feared part is over. Success achieved!

And yes, I realise it’s somewhat bizarre to have this fear of public speaking when I want to be a teacher. But kids aren’t scary. They are lovely!! (Usually)

I will be happy to end this week with a sense of accomplishment.



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