My Week in Stills

This week has gone in a flash with me spending 5 days in work-related training. By the time I got home every night I was completely exhausted and ready for bed, so there were not too many photos through the week. But of course I make up for it on the weekends…

A couple of favourites from the week that’s been (and yes I am well aware that there is a bit of a theme to most of my photos… her name is Lily):




Even a photo of my creative process… although obviously this one was taken by someone else (my husband).





The weather was great here in sunny Queensland this late in Autumn, so there was a lot of opportunities to spend some time outdoors enjoying the warm weather… before winter really does kick in.

In fact, I’ve been out there some more today despite feeling under the weather. Decided it was time to start tackling one of the projects that’s been dormant for about 2-3 years… my severely overgrown weed collection… which is actually meant to be a raised veggie patch. I spent an hour outside this afternoon and am maybe a 3rd of the way through. Yikes! There was one particularly crazy weed that was about the width of a carrot. I spent 10 minutes and still have not defeated this evil growth!

Any gardening tips are most welcome πŸ˜‰


7 thoughts on “My Week in Stills

  1. I specialize in weed growing, so I feel your pain! I think those who grow weeds well also grow beautiful children. So we might not have abundant harvests, but just get a load of our kids!


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