Review – BabyButton Breastfeeding Cover & Giveaway

Recently I jumped at the opportunity to review a Breastfeeding cover from Australian company BabyButton. Yes, my daughter is nearing that 18 month mark and is coming towards the end of her breastfeeding days (not without protest) so I have had a bit of experience with breastfeeding covers.

What I personally want in a cover is something simple to use, that conceals all it is supposed to. A little bit of style doesn’t hurt either.

Since my daughters birth I have struggled with a cover I purchased from a baby store that did the job but was so awkward and not always great at the concealing. It’s like a poncho with one arm hole. Even to this day I am still not entirely sure which arm I’m supposed to have in the hole when feeding on a certain side, and because it wraps right around, it could be really hard to get to business without potentially revealing more than I hoped to unsuspecting folk. Not only that but if my daughter fell asleep, I’d end up stuck wearing the cover half the time because it wrapped right around. So pretty much my old cover was frustrating and not so great at its job!

However, the BabyButton breastfeeding cover has none of these challenges. It is essentially styled like an apron with an adjustable neck strap. No arm holes required. Simply pop it over your head and you are pretty much ready to go.

The BabyButton cover is wide enough for good coverage and long enough also, keeping everything well concealed and discreet. And because it is in that apron style, you can adjust it to one side or the other with ease. This also means it pops straight up over your head once the baby is finished, asleep or not. You only need one hand to take it off, making that baby juggling/multi-tasking process a lot easier.

It’s cotton, so breathable. If it gets grubby, throw it in the washing machine. Easy. And if stuck for a change mat, it works for that too (a use I have already needed it for). And you can see your baby as they feed, due to the wide neck area where the strap attaches.

Not only that, but it comes in some fabulous prints just for fun!

Overall I highly recommend the BabyButton Breastfeeding Cover, as it is simple, effective and everything you need in a cover. I am happy to retire my old cover and keep this one in my nappy bag until my daughter is fully weaned (and will be well prepared for the next child or two when the time comes).

The covers are on sale right now over at the BabyButton website. I’m not sure when the sale ends but they would make fabulous gifts for mums-to-be, or nursing necessities for yourself. Or better yet, scroll down for your chance to WIN one!

Now for the exciting partBabyButton are kindly allowing me to giveaway one of these fabulous breastfeeding covers. For your chance to win, leave a comment on this blog post and click on the Rafflecopter link below to enter or click the giveaway tab on our Facebook  page.

 CLICK HERE TO ENTER – – – > a Rafflecopter giveaway

One lucky winner will receive a BabyButton Breastfeeding cover. The competition is open worldwide & the lucky winner will be contacted in June.


*Winning entry will be screened to ensure it meets entry requirements. * Entry is open worldwide. * The winner will be notified by email/Facebook and will need to respond within 48 hours. If no response in this time, a new winner will be drawn. * Simplify.Create.Inspire is not liable for prizes that are not delivered or damaged in the post.



10 thoughts on “Review – BabyButton Breastfeeding Cover & Giveaway

  1. I would would love a Babybutton Breastfeeding Cover because they are easy to use and with 4 children including a gorgeous little bubba I need everything and anything that is easy to use. I would also like one so I can feed discreetly and comfortably anytime anywhere. Thank you.


  2. Oh I am off to Sydney with my baby girl in July who is breastfed and I would love to take one of these – perfect for privacy on the plane! (A little worried about air-pressure changes and her ears – and tears!)
    Breastfeeding her while flying would really keep her calm and happy and one of these would really help me feel comfortable doing it! 😀


  3. This would definitely be a handy upgrade to my method of using a light wrap. I’ve looked at covers in some of my local stores & most dont look practical one was even plastic, great to see stylish & simple covers appearing on the market!


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