You Know You’re ‘Old’ When…


Photo by Holly Connors

Recently I was on a night out. A rare one, since I am over 30, a parent and I like staying home. While it was nice to be out for a change, it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be and resulted in my friends and I discussing exactly that… how times have changed. We simply put it down to being ‘old’ now and it made me realise sometime over the past couple of years, things have changed. Is it an age thing? A parent thing? We went with age. But it’s probably more a parent thing. Shifting responsibilities and priorities.

So here’s a list of likely relatable hints that you might be ‘old’ too:

  • You wear pyjamas more than any other outfit
  • You love Friday and Saturday nights at home and actually look forward to them
  • Your preferred beverage is a cup of tea
  • It’s an effort to get dressed up for a night out… almost too much effort
  • Your back is starting to protest from overuse
  • You start sentences with ‘When I was younger…’ or ‘Kids these days’
  • One of your favourite past times is a solo activity like sewing, gardening or scrapbooking
  • You are passionate about home improvement
  • You no longer feel the need to have a big celebration for most birthdays (don’t want to highlight that big number anymore than necessary)
  • If someone phones you after 8PM, you assume there’s an emergency
  • Drinking in moderation is enjoyable
  • Early nights are welcomed
  • Early mornings are productive
  • Comfort over fashion suddenly seems okay
  • You like to be on time for everything
  • You no longer find it so easy to relate to ‘young’ people
  • Slippers are exciting
  • You hate missing the news
  • Young(er) people have referred to you as ‘old’
  • Parties and late nights have been replaced with brunch and afternoon tea
  • It’s not uncommon for you to fall asleep during a movie in the comfy chair
  • You feel OLD!

But it’s not all bad. I love my life of quiet nights, comfy pyjamas and a movie. It’s refreshing not to have to worry about doing my hair or getting dressed up. Plus it means plenty more cuddles with my little miss!

So if this is old, I’m okay with it!

Do you still do all the same things you did when you were 20-something?


2 thoughts on “You Know You’re ‘Old’ When…

  1. I am no where near 30, and let me say, I feel old. Don’t feel 12 anymore. I used to stay up late studying up until 2.30am in the mornings, sleep for four hours and go to a whole day of class – and I’d feel fine, just a little haggered but still able to focus. Recently I went to work with four hours sleep and felt like a zombie the whole day šŸ˜¦ My appetite’s changed too. I get sugar crashes much more worse compared when I was younger. But growing older means we get wiser, that’s a plus of getting old šŸ™‚


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