{DIY} Digital Project Life Wedding Album

One thing that has been on my to do list for far longer than it should be is my friend’s wedding album. They were married just over a year ago now and I’ve had the discs with all the professional photos for about 8-9 months maybe now. And I’m still working on the album.

I told her all along not to worry about getting an album through her photographer. Personally, while I love our wedding album, it was not worth the thousands of dollars it added onto our professional package. Especially for something I so rarely pull out of the ‘suitcase’.

Project life is such a perfect option for creating wedding, holiday and event albums so I tossed up whether to do their album traditional project life style, or digital. I decided on digital. It preserves better and you can always get it re-printed or make multiple copies if you decide to.

My friend still has no idea what I’m working on. She has been very patient though and my goal is to finish the album in the next week and send it to Blurb for printing into a 12 x 12 photo book that I can gift them as a very belated anniversary present.

You can check out the full album here, but here are a couple of layouts so far:

I love Project Life. Ever since I discovered it, it has become my preferred scrapbooking method. Why? Check out these previous posts for more detail:

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I only share a few of my scrapbooking and project life creations here on the blog, but if you want to see more, you should follow me on Pinterest. I have a board dedicated to my own creations, along with lots of other boards to help you simplify, create and be inspired 😉


9 thoughts on “{DIY} Digital Project Life Wedding Album

  1. Thanks. The sneak peak made her cry… good tears lol It’s a lot easier than traditional scrapbooking but I still do both. This is just more space saving and easier with a toddler.


  2. Hi! This is such a great idea for a wedding gift. I know your friend is so appreciative. I’m very new to digital project life. How did you get the thin white frame around your pictures?


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