First Fever


digital thermometer

It can take such little time for an average day to turn upside down when you are a parent.

Yesterday was such a day in our household. It started like any other day. We slept late, got up, got ready, went shopping, got craft supplies… all that normal stuff.

It’s when got home that things slowly started to turn in an unexpected direction.

Our daughter was so tired, almost falling over due to her attempts to fight fatigue. We set her up nice and comfy on her kiddie couch in front of the cartoons while unpacking groceries. She didn’t go to sleep but lay there for an hour or so, eyelids heavy, fighting sleep, yet barely acknowledging her surroundings.

I started to worry.

Her forehead was a little warm but not to the point of concern. She perked up a bit for some food and a play, then gave her dad extra long hugs and 4 kisses when he left for work.

As per our usual afternoon ritual once daddy goes to work, she settled into my lap for her arvo nap and dozed on and off for hours. Even when she woke she showed no interest in getting up and about like her usual active self.

I felt her forehead. This time it was hot.

Out came the complicated digital thermometer, with frustrating attempts for her to comply. Temperature was sitting at 38.2 degrees Celsius . Above the norm, but below the point of alarm thankfully.

Next battle was kids Panadol, which she hates. Maybe a quarter made it in her mouth via the distributor syringe, the rest spat out down her now bare chest and her cringing in disgust at the taste.

I then spent the next couple of hours checking and rechecking her temperature, feeling her forehead, making sure there was no rash or other symptoms of concern, emailing hubby progress reports and just being a worried mamma.

As a parent, there is nothing that makes you feel more helpless than seeing your child sick and not knowing why or what you can do to fix it. You want to absorb all their pains and ailments and make them well, but instead you use the power of your love, giving endless cuddles and kisses and offering them anything they want. Even if the only thing you can convince them to eat for dinner is a square of Cadbury chocolate and 2 spoonfuls of yoghurt. Better than nothing.. right?

Through a restless night sleep, she ended up sleeping mostly on my chest or snuggled against me, head on my shoulder. I must have felt her forehead, neck, chest, limbs, so many times through the night.

Yet along comes 9:30 Friday morning and up she wakes full of smiles and laughter, ready to face the day. Her temperature is close to normal now, although she is still not quite herself. It’s little past midday here and she’s already fallen asleep in my lap after a bit of TV, playtime and food.

My poor darling girl…

Yet I can definitely say I am relieved to have made it to 18 months before we experienced her first fever. This is only her second illness… the first being an overnight tummy bug in Vietnam (and yes that was horribly scary).

It also now means I have a double batch of my latest recipe experiment, Cherry Ripe & Turkish Delight Slice, as I meant to take it to work for a function today. Never made it to work so now wayyyyy too much indulgent yumminess in my house!

Yes, I will blog the recipe sometime soon 😉

Have you had a worrying parent moment recently? How do you cope with the stress when a loved one is unwell?


5 thoughts on “First Fever

  1. Glad she is better. My little one had Bronchiolitis a couple of months ago – it was awful. Hopefully it won’t be back ever again.
    Love cherry ripes – looking forward to the recipe!


  2. Glad to hear she’s feeling better. Our youngest had a fever for two days this week too. My husband even stayed home from work with her one day this week. It’s scary when you don’t know how serious it’s going to get. She got the shakes a few times which worried me, but she also seems better now too. And other than the fever she was in a fine mood – like she didn’t know she was suppose to feel bad when sick, so she didn’t 🙂


    • That sounds scary, with shakes and all. It’s nice when they are still pretty much themselves despite being unwell. It was only through the night last night we had some out of character upsets, so I’m thinking maybe it is a teething thing. First time there’s been any signs of teething so must be working on some ouchie ones. Hope your little one is much better now too.


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