Declutter Your House – One Box At A Time


As I was vacuuming my house at 8PM last night (Who vacuums that late on a Friday night, anyway?), I started to think about the journey ahead of me.  It’s no secret that I lead a busy life. I have too many hobbies and am always adding new commitments to my already full schedule.

We all know an organised home makes for a more organised life. It is in my favour to tackle this now.

But time is running out before life takes an even busier turn… and I’m LAZY! (Not lazy… I’m a procrastinator…) So how will I find time to clean and declutter my house? Let me tell you how:



As a hoarder I have a collection of most everything I do and don’t need. That included an abundance of cardboard boxes, left over from parcels, bulk nappies or whatever large item purchases recently. It is one of the habits that drives my husband craziest! So I decided to put my box collection to use.

Chances are like me, you likely have some areas of your home that could use a clean up. Old paperwork that needs sorting, random rubbish that hasn’t made its way to the bin or clothes that are passed their used by date. Broken toys. Out of date cosmetics. There are plenty of areas that could use a cull.

Here’s how it works in 4 easy steps:

1. Grab an empty box that’s destined for the garbage. In the absence of a box, plastic shopping bags work too.

2. Pick your area that needs a declutter and start sorting, throwing all your unwanted items in the box.

3. Keep going til you fill the box.

4. Throw the box out with the rubbish and feel proud… you just decluttered an area of your home in just a few minutes.


You might even be lucky enough to have a helper this cute!

Do this every time you have a box floating around your home until you have every corner, garage, outdoors, indoors, etc completely decluttered. And even then, the home collects random ‘crap’ over time so once your entire house has had the overhaul, you can do this every month or two after that to maintain an organised abode.

As an extra step, you may want to keep a second box of things you want to donate, sell or giveaway while you work too. Not everything deserves the fate of the garbage truck.

Pretty easy, huh? Even for us procrastinating, lazy, cleaning hating ladies & lads…

And for more inspiration – 35 ways to declutter your life that actually work



14 thoughts on “Declutter Your House – One Box At A Time

  1. Haha, what a cute little helper you have! Did you find anything that you thought you should throw away, but didn’t because it had sentimental value or you just couldn’t bear the thought of throwing away? Nothing wrong with being a hoarder…sometimes when you need something, you know you’ve got it stashed somewhere around the house 😉

    You’re not the only one. I like cleaning my house on Friday nights. Especially the closet!


  2. I wasn’t vacuuming last night – but I do go on cleaning/decluttering “binges” where I tell myself I have a half hour and that I’ll “get as far as I get”. Or if I stand up, I say I have to pick up 10 things before sitting down. I figure it’s little things that make a difference overtime without making cleaning feel overwhelming.

    The box idea is a good one!


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  4. Thanks for linking up with us on Wallet Watching Wednesday!!

    I love this tip. I have a particular room in my house that’s a junk room at the moment, I should really grab a box and do this!
    Also, I’ve definitely vacuumed at 8pm before, you’re most certainly not alone 😛


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    • Hope you manage to fill that box with lots of unnecessary stuff and feel good after. I have actually got a recent thrifty post to share on the latest linky. Popping over there now 🙂


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