Weekly Photo Challenge – Room

After an unexpected twist of events, we have just returned home from our local Emergency Department due to our daughter breaking out in a rash while out at the shops. With freak outs that it could be measles or similar, we took her to get checked out quickly.

The doctors said it is viral and related to the temperature she had Thursday night, but they had no serious concerns and ruled out measles (and she is immunised). They sent a swab for testing though just as a precaution but we are otherwise just to keep a close eye on her for any changes. Thankfully she is still her cheerful self and only slightly ‘off’ this past couple of days.

Poor little bubba!

So while she naps in my lap right now, I figure I would do a quick post for this weeks photo prompt – room.

With a house as cluttered as mine can be, I had no intention of sharing rooms inside my house, but this photo from Vietnam inside the Reunification Palace is kinda cool!



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