{DIY} Digital Baby Shower Invitation

My friend, who’s wedding album I finally finished recently is currently expecting. So exciting!

She has been kind enough to plan both my bridal shower and my baby shower over the past several years, and as she had a ‘surprise’ wedding, I finally get the chance to plan an event on her behalf.

She is due late October and we have been holding off on the baby shower planning until she had her gender scan, which was just last week.

It’s a boy!

So now I have full creative reign on her baby shower and ecstatic. Another friend is helping out also, however with a much younger bub, I am taking on more of the organising. It’s a role I’m a natural at. Event organising that is… not so much house or desk organisation…

Ever since my discovery of project life and dabbling in digital project life and scrapbooking, I have been having a bit of fun creating a few of my own digital supplies, such as invitation templates and project life templates. It’s a whole lot of fun and it is a lot cheaper than handmade invitations for events… which has always been a love of mine also!

Here is the invitation for the baby shower (with fake details of course). A nice simple design and colour scheme.

Kelly baby shower sample

I’ve listed this template in my Etsy store, along with a couple of other digital invitation templates available for customisation and purchase.

It does still amuse me at the fact that I was once so certain I would never give up handmade invitations or change to digital scrapbooking. Now I’ve done both and I get a whole lot of enjoyment out of digital creating also. My favourite part – no mess! 

Do you have any great baby shower ideas to share? I’d love to hear them. 



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