Why I Write

I was recently invited by Margaret from Techie Mum  to take part in a fun ongoing blog hop, giving us bloggers a chance to write about why we write.


What am I working on?

I’ve always got too much on at once. It’s just the way I roll. In terms of writing, of course my blog. I have a couple of ideas in the planning stages, such as an amateur photography series sharing my own learnings. There is also quite a few drafted posts in my note pad. I’ve been blogging for years with my scrapbooking, however this blog is more focused on the writing side of things instead of just the images.

I am also preparing for the commencement of my Graduate Diploma in Teaching (primary) which kicks off in less than a week so there will be a whole lot of writing coming soon in the form of assignments and projects no doubt. As a result I have a to do list that is a mile long which includes a plan to write lots of blog post drafts to help me keep up once study kicks off.

How does my writing differ from others in its genre?

I had never contemplated this before and maybe it doesn’t differ drastically… who knows. Sometimes I think I’m funny, witty, smart when I write. Sometimes I get my point across clearly and it’s engaging. Other times I feel like I have forgotten how to effectively use the English language. However I think what does stand out is the fact that unlike a lot of DIY/crafty bloggers, I throw splashes of real life in there and sometimes they aren’t pretty. I’m not afraid to share the raw stuff at times and while it doesn’t always fit so well with the blog, its therapeutic to get it out there.

In fact it was only today a co-worker who is an incredibly skilled writer himself complimented me on a succinct and to the point email at work. It made me laugh. I’m rarely succinct. Neither is he. Sometimes it just happens!

Why do I write what I do?

I’m addicted to creating. I always have been drawn to various creative hobbies. It turns out these hobbies can be pretty darn social and blogging is a great way create that social network. That’s how blogging began back a few years, however it has evolved and now I write to express my feelings, share my challenges and successes, but most of all I find it helps motivate me to continue achieving and motivating myself to do more. I like to think I am inspiring other people at times and that is a powerful thing. It builds the accountability too.

Writing to this blog allows me to feel purposeful. Written communication has always been my strength also. As I psychologist it is one thing to help others to communicate more effectively, however it doesn’t necessarily mean I do the same myself all the time. Writing makes that easy.

How does my writing process work?

I have been attempting to post daily since sometime around April. It means I’ve needed a lot of ideas to keep the posts flowing, however daily will not always be the case. I do a lot of creative stuff every day anyway so now I try and incorporate these hobbies into blog posts. I make notes on my notepad, on the iPad or wherever really and expand on them from there. I don’t tend to spend long periods on my posts. Generally I like to just get it all out there onto paper or typed onto the computer, have a quick read over, tweak a few things and away it goes.  No fancy techniques or triple checking here.

Now time to hand over to a couple of other inspiring bloggers to tell us why they write, plus you can see others who have joined in the hop here.


Hugs, Kisses & Dirty Diapers

Sasha shares wonderful stories of parenting and reflections of motherhood on her blog Hugs, Kisses & Dirty Diapers. You will laugh, nod and maybe even cry with how relatable Sasha’s posts are!

Coach Daddy Blog

Eli writes from that other perspective… fatherhood. And sport of course. He shares wonderful memories from childhood and beyond, that will have you reminiscing your own days of past. Not to mention that convenient use of Lego Star Wars images that fit with each story. Very cool!

Be sure to hop on over to visit them both for some great writing, and pop back in a week to see their “Why I write” posts too.


11 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. Love this! I was wondering if I could some of your words from the why you write what you write section in a book I’m working on about writing. It’s called Fall in Love with Writing and 140 are part of it so far, most of them are bloggers. It’s to inspire people to write and one section is on blogging, so this would fit well. Your name (or pen name), age and country would be included to give you credit. Also, did you take that photo of the laptop? If so, may I include that as well. It’s a very visual book with pictures of writing spaces and tools – many bloggers have their photos in the book.
    All good if you want to decline, just thought I’d check.
    Kind regards,


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