Kids Make Us Crazy… But It’s Okay

Being a mum (or dad) is the best!

Nothing comes close to the joy it brings. It pushes you over the edge of happiness and makes you wonder what point life had before kids came along (…well maybe not so extreme but it really is very nice).


Yet sometimes kids drive us a little crazy. They like to push our boundaries and test our patience.

And this starts early.

When those toddler tantrums begin, new challenges follow. Suddenly you’ve got a little person having a complete melt down because you didn’t let them stand with the fridge door open for another 10 minutes, touching everything but choosing nothing. Or crying because you can’t pick them up right this second because you are carrying 28 grocery bags to avoid making a second trip to the car.

Pretty minor stuff. And usually over pretty quickly.

Then there’s the really frustrating stuff. Pulling your hair or biting you because your yelps of pain give them the giggles. Throwing toys all around the room as soon as you’ve finished tidying up. Or the current number one annoying habit in our house – turning off the cable TV box or surround sound volume mid show. Sometimes in the middle of a really good bit. Just to get a reaction out of you.

Sometimes you want to scream. Maybe you even want to cry. And that’s okay. You are human!

Parenting is hard work. It’s rewarding work, but there is no denying it does test us at times. Feeling frustrated sometimes is expected. And it will happen again. Probably even after they are grown adults with their own kids to drive them crazy. It’s just the way it goes.


But you know what… when they are doing these things, they are also learning. Learning the cause and effect of their actions. Learning how to get their own way and testing the boundaries on what they can get away with. Perhaps they are bored and seeking new ways to entertain themselves. Either way… their intent isn’t bad.

All these moments of craziness are signs your children are simply growing up…


7 thoughts on “Kids Make Us Crazy… But It’s Okay

  1. Oh the making a mess bit is totally happening in this house right now. H loves pulling everything out of every drawer and cupboard he can open, I spend my day following him around tidying!


  2. Mine loves throwing all the toys out on the floor as soon as I’ve packed them up. Shes also very cheeky and loves getting things she knows shes not meant to have then she runs away giggling. Shes only 11 months so I imagine its just going to get worse, but I love it.


  3. Thanks for this reminder! I just wrote my #thankfulthursday post about my annoying child, cause I’ve had a rough day with him and he is so annoying. I came to the same conclusion. I am thankful for his learning, his growth. I am thankful that this is not my first child and I know that it will pass.


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