{Review} Torn & Inviolate by Karen Turner

Reading is a pleasure I once devoted so much of my time to. It was my way to chill out, relax, and escape the world for a little while. I recall many summer days of school holidays lazing out on the sun lounge after a swim with my nose in a book. Actually… even in the pool most days. Or snuggled under the doona on cold winter nights. Books are wonderful!

Since becoming a mother I think I have read a total of 5 books. A poor effort in 19 months. And it isn’t all due to the busy life of being a mother. It also has to do with my bad habit of procrastinating on Pinterest to wind down now or clicking away with the camera when we are outdoors. Technology has taken over my life a little.

So when an opportunity arose to review some books, I thought why not. With uni kicking off this week officially, I wanted a chance to have some good quality ‘mummy’ time with some reading. And oh boy was it a good decision!

I had never heard of Karen Turner or her books Torn and the newly released follow up novel Inviolate before I offered to do this review. What I can tell you now though is that she is an Aussie author and these books are amazing!

Torn kicks off in 1808 in a story not so unlike Pride and Predjudice, but with so much more excitement. I could barely put these books down (“Sorry honey, mummy is reading… go play with daddy”).

Alexandra Broughton is not your typical 1800s kinda gal and you will love her right from the start with her strong will and feisty temperament. Right from the start her world is suddenly turned upside-down with a new step-family but where it leads you will not expect. A love story with more ups and downs than you can predict and edge of the seat drama that will leave you quite emotionally attached and distraught at times.

The characters are so well written and Karen writes in such a way that you can picture them and feel like you know them. Some you will adore. Others you will hate. Then there are the ones that will leave you confused and angry one minute and over-joyed the next. One in particular at least…

The books explore the themes of family, friendship, loyalty and betrayal, with accurate references to historic events. Sometimes love happens in the most unexpected of places and sometimes it does not go to plan either.

Torn and Inviolate are both well worth a read. Personally I am rarely drawn in with period novels, yet both of these books were so enjoyable that I actually want more. I recommend you give them a read.

Fingers and toes crossed Karen Turner has some more fantastic writing on its way soon…





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