Record Baby Milestones With a Photo

As I was creating my daughter’s first year album, each month I started creating a ‘right now’ insert with current habits, skills, developments and milestones. Unfortunately I forgot to save some of them digitally but here are a couple of them.



DSC_0559_edited-1DSC_0226 DSC_0526_edited-1

They would make a fantastic mini album for grandparents or god parents. I simply added the text using Adobe Photoshop Elements 11. Quick and easy.

I actually regret not continuing on every month for her 2nd year. Not sure I will remember all the finer details for the past 7 months but I might go back and try if I get some spare time soon. Either way, I will try and do the same for future babies too as it’s a nice little snap shot of your baby/child at that moment in time.

Did you record the monthly milestones in any special way?



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