Just Somebody That I Used To Know…

Last night my hubby & I settled in earlier and were watching some TV in bed. Bad habit, yes I know. But sometimes it’s nice on a cold winter night (while trying to get the little person asleep).

We were watching a doco on Queen then some random show came on which appeared to be a celebrity gossip show in that Good News Week style panel, with a bit of humour and a whole lot of inappropriate. It was mildly amusing. Then it got weird.

There came the unexpected moment when my ex boyfriend was on TV…

Apparently he is now a ‘celeb expert’ and has a weekly segment on this random show. How bizarre. Not only that but apparently he’s a stand up comedian and has done other TV and comedy themed gigs over the last few years.

How times change. But it has been 13 years or so. A lot can happen in that time and good on him for doing something he seems to love. Back all those years ago, he had very little going on. No work, no study, no distinct plans. Dyed black dreads, dressed as a goth, complete with black nail polish and eye liner (don’t judge me…).

Just goes to show how life can take us in unexpected directions.


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