Shaped Sandwich Cutters


It can be challenging sometimes to get kids to eat certain foods… or at least to keep a variety of foods on the menu. My daughter would happily eat cheese sticks and bananas all day if we let her. With a side of rice perhaps.

We recently had a chance to try out a fun sandwich cutter to help add some novelty to meal time. Our first use, we used it to cut up a piece of toast. You can see the cutter above – a dog and dog house.


And above is the result. What works well is that it cuts the crusts right off because for some reason, little people seem somewhat adverse to crusts a lot of the time.


And the cheeky little miss enjoying her shaped toast (complete with peanut butter rather than the usual Vegemite… this is Australia). She loved the dog shape and ate him up in a flash. After some play time across the high chair though.

The cutters can be used to create shaped sandwiches too so can be fun for kids school lunches as well as meals at home.

This particularly cutter is from Cheeky Chuckles in Australia RRP $6.95. There are other fun shapes available too and other great products for kids.

What do you do to add some fun to your kids meal times?


4 thoughts on “Shaped Sandwich Cutters

  1. She is adorable! We have an Elmo shaped one my daughter enjoys! I also read and sometimes use an ice cube tray to put a little something in the different squares. My kids love the whole variety thing. 🙂


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