More Father’s Should Do Things Like This

Have you seen this video? It’s recently been doing the rounds on the internet and the reception has been a combination of support and negativity.

It’s about a dad who wants to create a special memory for his young daughter – by taking her on her first ‘date’. He documents the day and launched it as a Father’s Day tribute recently.

Some people have labelled it as ‘creepy’, ‘wrong’ or ‘inappropriate’ but had he not used the word ‘date’ perhaps this wouldn’t be so. Or sadly enough, were it a mother taking her son on his first ‘date’ there may be a lot more support.

In my opinion, this is just wrong!

This dad should be commended on wanting to show his daughter how precious she is and give her such a cherished memory of what is simply a daddy-daughter day out. It is lovely!

It saddens me that such a beautiful video, filled with nothing but love and good intentions can be received so poorly by so many people. And perhaps this is in part due to their own less-favourable childhood memories, or the fear that so many people live in these days that something such as this cannot be innocent and filled with only good intention.

Father’s should be encouraged to have such strong bonds with their children. Don’t you think?


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