Playing Catch up – Project Life

The past few months have been somewhat crazy and only getting worse. My most hectic month will kick off from mid August til late September with uni prac then my cousins wedding in north Queensland, with lots of assessments due in between. The cruel thing is I am doing 3 subjects this semester and 2 have assessments due mid prac while all 3 have an assessment due on the same day in the last week of term. OMG!!

I was starting to stress a bit too which is rare for me, but I was starting to fall behind. With a toddler who is a night owl at the best of times suddenly not getting to sleep until close to midnight some nights or waking frequently, it was getting a little frustrating and extremely unproductive. One of the challenges of a night shift husband.

With said husband on tour with his band this weekend, I was fearing the worse with falling even further behind, but nope. I’m now at least a week ahead in each subject with readings and up to date with assessments so far. Phew! Miss L has been nice and easy for mummy during our girl weekend.

So much so I got some time to play a bit of project life catch up tonight since I am starting to fall over a month behind on that now too. Caught up til mid June. Not as bad as I thought but still a long way to go.


Print Print week22a week22b Blush_4x6Title_Card7 Blush_4x6Title_Card7

The fact that week 23 & 24 had so few photos and fit on a single page certainly helps with keeping up. And good memory keeping with useful apps on my ipad really help keep me on track when I’m behind. I should do a post on that sometime soon I suppose. When I find a spare few minutes that is 😉

Otherwise, you can find my entire 2014 album so far here.


2 thoughts on “Playing Catch up – Project Life

  1. Good to hear you’re caught up on your readings. You really never know when you toddler will demand your attention, so best to make the most of your spare and quiet times when they come round 😀 I hope your readings aren’t too long. If they are, hope they are at least easy to understand. Good luck with the assessments 🙂

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    • They are huge and numerous, but mostly interesting. I suppose it’s due to it being post grad coursework instead of easing my way into a bachelor in ed. All worth it. I like studying 🙂


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