{Tasty Tuesday} Toddler-Style Deconstructed Tacos

There is nothing better than a meal the whole family can enjoy together, toddlers included. The older they get, the easier this gets thankfully, however then it becomes more about keeping fussy appetites happy.

Tacos are often a popular choice with big kids (and most adults). We love them in this household and with a bit of a tweak, so does our daughter.

So, this is a deconstructed taco:


The toddler plates with separate sections is ideal for this type of thing, but pretty much it is everything that would go in a taco, in little finger friendly servings (although miss L will always use a fork or spoon… she likes to be fancy). Flavoured mince, tomato, grated cheese, lettuce, and pieces of taco and tortilla for her to nibble on.

In fact this is such a popular dish in this household that I had to top up her plate several times on this occasion, as she could not get enough of that tasty mince. We use Old El Paso taco kits usually but home made would likely be even better.


Unfortunately the lettuce and tomato are less popular but at least if it is there, they may have a nibble…


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