Confessions From a Lazy Hoarder

I have a confession to make – I HATE CLEANING!

I am one of the messiest people I know. I absolutely despise housework. It’s not that I am incapable… I simply just cannot stand it!

Contrary to popular belief, not all women, or mothers’ specifically are wired with that special cleanliness gene that keeps the house spotless, the kitchen sparkling and beds made.

Nope. Instead I am here leaving my dirty plate in the sink. The dishwasher needs emptying. I think to myself ‘I will do it later… tomorrow…on the weekend’. Or hoarding random crap on my kitchen bench, as it is a convenient dumping ground. Or simply being too lazy to put my clean laundry away in the closet after it’s dried.

Following on from that clean laundry one, here’s a really bad example: In our bedroom we still have our daughter’s bassinette set up, which she outgrew at around 5 months. It stayed there mostly out of convenience of not knowing where to store it after it wasn’t needed. But in more recent months, it’s been re-purposed. You guessed it… my clean laundry now ends up in the bassinette.

Totally convenient place to find my favourite, most worn clothes. Not so great on avoiding wrinkles though!

Sure I wish I was neater. Of course. Who doesn’t?

I wish I could abandon my hoarding ways. I’ve wished this for a couple of years now. But like any habit I suppose, it takes time to correct these bad habits.

I’m aiming towards minimalist style, like my mum. And wouldn’t mind adopting a few clean freak habits like my bestie Kelly. But that’s not me. Not yet anyway!

It’s not all bad though. It can be said that mess is a sign of a creative mind.

Creativity is something I certainly have. Every day of my life involves something creative. Whether it be scrapbooking in my overfilled, cluttered and disorganised scrapbooking room, sewing something new on my kitchen table (and taking over the dining area too), or writing here on this blog, creativity is such a vital part of my life and who I am.

There are simply not enough hours in the day to do all of that plus be neat and tidy too…

But I hate started my journey towards a cleaner routine, a less cluttered home and better habits. The journey is one I’ve had in the works for years, but I am happy to say this week I took some big steps towards making big change. Here’s step one. Actually make that step two… step one is admitting I have a problem 🙂

Are you messy like me? Or a total clean freak? Minimalist or Hoarder?


Share-It Saturday

This week I thought I would share a couple of recent ingenious ideas for the laundry in my ‘dream home’. It’s nice to dream, isn’t it 😉

Actually, I just remembered I don’t even iron. I’m sure my hubby would like an ironing table though! haha

{Organisation} iNSD Declutter

So this Saturday is (Inter) National Scrapbooking Day. I am not sure where it all started but it is a thing that’s been going on for a couple of years now and well celebrated amongst scrapbookers around the world. Even here in Australia 🙂 It is all a bit of fun and a good time to use up some of the ever growing supplies us scrapbookers like to hoard.

Personally I am not sure how much scrapbooking I will get done this weekend due to family events and other going ons, but it is a good excuse to start getting into this dreaded craft room and start sorting it out, so this week I will be sharing a couple of craft room decluttering projects.

The first item on the agenda, downsize my magazine collection. I was previously subscribed to all of the major scrapbooking magazines in Australia but these days, only 1 physical and one digital subscription.

This morning I went through the massive pile of magazines and pulled out only the ones I have had the honour of being published in (yes, I’m scrapbook famous). And the rest… well I listed them up on an online garage sale group on Facebook along with a couple of other supplies I had previously tried to sell. And what do you know… half of my listed items have already been purchased, which means a little bit of cash while taking the first step of downsizing my ‘crap’. I removed 68 magazines in total. I now have 1.5 empty cubes in my Ikea Expedit! And the remaining magazines fit into the space I had in a couple of magazine holders.

Do you still subscribe to magazines? What do you do with your old ones once you’ve read them?