Article: Sorry, but you’re wrong: I DO love my kids | Kidspot

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed yesterday and found a link to this article over at Kidspot that referred to a social media site that allows anonymous confessions. Many of these confessions are apparently aimed at parents admitting they do not like their children a lot of the time, or suggesting they are annoying little critters.

Here’s a link to the article:

Sorry, but you’re wrong: I DO love my kids | Kidspot.

Pretty harsh was my first thought.

I adore my daughter. There are occasional moments when she drives me a little batty. Mostly when she is not wanting to go to sleep at night and mummy starts to lose patience. But the thing is, she isn’t really a crying sort of child and tends to be in a good mood when she’s keeping me up late. Ít’s just those moments when I desperately need to get something done and am relying on that little bit of peace and quiet to do so that I get a tad frustrated.

Other than that… it’s pretty much all fun and happiness. Sounds a bit sugar coated? Maybe, but I did get lucky with child number 1. Exceptions to that rule always exist. Like 5 minutes ago when I thought I’d check the bin as I heard her put something in it, only to find one of my craft paints in there. Or earlier today when she squeezed one of her fruit pouches on the carpet… just for fun. But that’s all part of kids learning so it doesn’t bother me too much.

Maybe if you ask me again after child 2 is a toddler, I may have a different answer. But for now there is no child 2, but we are working on that!

My time may come. But for now… I will keep enjoying this charmed life!

Tell me, do your kids drive you a bit crazy sometimes? What is their most annoying habit?


{Photography} Capturing those moments

Recently I was looking for a clear, smiling photograph of my daughter that I could use for a certain project but realised most of the photos I have of her recently are from my iphone, blurred because she never sits still or just action shots filled with background clutter. Up until a couple of months ago, I did regular photo shoots at home with her so I was a little disappointed in myself that it had been a while.

With that in mind, I was determined to capture some good updated photos of her, only this time decided it would be nice to include a few with other family members and loved ones too, thus making Easter a perfect time for updated photos.

Here are a couple of the favourites (although the sunlight was still a bit harsh even in the shade for a sunny Queensland Easter):




And a couple of tips from a fellow amateur for capturing your own photos you can be happy with.

Keep them candid. Posing a child or toddler can be near impossible so your best option is to just go with the flow. It results in more natural smiles too.

Natural light is a must. Outdoors or well lit areas of the house with natural sunlight are optimal. But direct sunlight can be too harsh so try the shaded area on a sunny day or either the early morning sun or late afternoon sun when it is softer.

Move. There is no point trying to capture photos all from the same spot. You’ve got to change your perspective and get right in there with the camera.

Keep the camera handy at all times. I am always ready for an on the spot photo shoot with our daughter. Some of the best photos are those captured spontaneously simply because the camera was nice and close and easily accessible.

Don’t stress. Not every play with the camera will be a success but the more you practice, the better chance you have of capturing photos you actually love!

And a favourite from a later trip to the park the following week (Still not perfect on the timing but how great is that smile?):


Having a good photo editing software helps too, just to tweak those photos a little more. I will do a photo editing post soon.

Happy snapping 🙂


{Parenting} The Joy of Innocence

Recently I had a sad mummy moment. It was actually on our transit back home from Vietnam and to give our daughter some opportunity to use up some of the energy she had bursting after the first 5 hour flight, we took her to play on the playground at Changi Airport.

She is only 16 months, so there is not a lot of playground stuff yet suited to her age, but she was having a wonderful time running in and out of the cubby house with the mini foam slide and ladder. She loves other kids and is surprisingly social for someone who spends so much of her time with her mum and dad, rather than similar height peers. So here she was, so excited, full of joy and happiness and having the time of her life.

We stood back and watched, enjoying her happiness and feeling that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you see your kids having that much fun. For about half an hour she played happily, making little friends, running in and out and giggling her beautiful little head off.


Then it all turned bad. A little boy maybe a year older than her came along and they were face to face. Our little bundle of joy gave this kid a big smile… only for the little so and so to push her backwards by the face 😦

His mother rushed to the rescue as did we but the hysterical crying and sobbing from our darling girl who had been having the time of her life only seconds before was heartbreaking. It really tore me up.

I know as well as the next person that kids do these things. She will probably do the same to another kid sometime (even if her daddy doesn’t think she would ever do such a thing). It’s all part of their learning experience and some kids are a little crueller than others, but it’s all normal.

However it really made me think about how precious that childhood innocence really is. At such an early stage of learning and development, kids do see unconditional good in the world and in others. It is all too soon that they start to realise things are not always good. I hate that thought. As a mother, I want to protect her from the truth that the world is not always a good place. I want to shield her from any physical or emotional pain. I want to be her hero.

But we all have to learn these things for ourselves as that is the only way to build strength and resilience to what the world will throw at us. So instead, I will protect her for as long as I can but once she is ready to learn these things for herself, I will be her number 1 support so that she knows no matter how hard it gets, she is loved and capable and simply amazing!

Bored Toddler Alert

It still sounds so strange to refer to our little miss as a toddler instead of a baby, but at almost 14 months, she’s a baby no more. How bittersweet! And with the toddler years, along come all these new habits, skills & needs. With that comes new challenges.

We’ve had it pretty lucky with this parenting gig. No sleepless nights. Barely noticeable teething. And thus far, not a single illness (touch wood). Overall, it’s been relatively easy in comparison to what it could have been. So it’s quite alright that our current dilemma is something with a hopefully simple cure.

Our daughter is a bright cookie, and being first time parents, we have little for comparison so we are easily impressed. But even with the over abundance of toys from her first birthday & Christmas, she’s already growing bored & getting into mischief. She is especially active in the evenings when we would love a little sit down & relax time.

A trip to the shops for new entertainment is planned with a few things already in mind.
– alphabet magnet set as she loves the magnets on the fridge
– an etch a sketch

But there are plenty of ideas for home too. Like boxes with lids filled with small items, or other boxes as she loves opening things. A surprise cupboard. Currently she loves pulling things out of boxes & stacking them so that’s nice cheap fun.

Although there is one extra special birthday gift she has taken a real fancy to this week. Her quiet book. This was a gift from her grandparents & at first held little interest but in the past week she has been entertained for hours overall. So I had this great idea… Why not make some? Seems easy enough… Right? Except I can’t sew. Hmm… Could be more challenging than I originally planned, but I’m going to try anyway (with a little help from mum & her sewing machine).

What entertains your little people the best?


Pause button please

Do you ever wish there were more hours in the day to achieve everything you want? Wait, silly question. Of course you do. Who doesn’t!

Some days I feel like I need to just skip the sleep part just to fit in everything I want to do. And this isn’t about fitting in everything I have to do. I manage the essentials pretty well, with time left for getting a little creative, possibly due to neglecting half my housework as I prefer to fill my time with fun stuff. But there are so many new things I wish I had time to master.

My mum always said she wished she knew how to crochet so I suggested she learn from YouTube tutorials like a friend did. Her response – ‘Why don’t you?’.  I told her I have no time for a new hobby. I am already fully loaded with all my other ones (digital and traditional scrapbooking, project life, photography, running a small business, being a domestic goddess etc). She told me to give one up. Pfft! As if I am going to give up something I love. I just wish I had more time to discover new things I might love.

It is the same with things like web design, business development & learning how to sew. I simply don’t have that many hours left to learn something new completely and utterly these days. Pity! New things are fun. However I get my little bit of a fix through getting better at the things I do make time for at least.

What new skill would you chose if you had endless time to learn?

The beginning

Like every good story, there must be a beginning. The same goes for blogging.

This is my newest beginning, and a journey I hope to share with a few people along the way. Where the journey takes me, I can’t yet say, as I have no specific goals in mind. However I do expect there to be a bit of growth and learning along the way. For me and maybe for you too. There will be a whole lot of sharing and hopefully some inspiration as well.

So who am I you ask? I am a wife, a mother, a psychologist, a crafter, a world traveller, a chocolate lover, a sister, a daughter, a lifelong learner, an amateur photographer, a life documenter & a whole lot of other labels rolled into one.

I am one of the messiest people I know, yet also one of the most organised (organised chaos I like to call it). Thankfully for my husband, the two extremes counter balance 😉

Who do I want to be? Pretty much all of the above, minus the mess (I am working on that). I love my life right now, having embarked on this thing called parenthood little over a year ago. It’s pretty darn amazing!

So join me on the journey ahead as I work on simplifying my life, re-organising my clutter, facing the challenges of living with a toddler and hopefully adding to our little family of 3 (or 5 if you count the fur babies).

Holly x