Weekly Photo Challenge – Contrasts


Such a strong cultural contrast between the wonderful city sights of Vietnam and back home here in Australia.




Weekly Photo Challenge – Extra, Extra


 For this weeks photo prompt of course I initially thought of travel photographs as I often do when I am joining in the photo challenges. But I stopped.

For this prompt I decided closer to home was the better choice.

Images that capture emotion and joy are the something extra I love most. Like the photo above of my daughter at her first birthday and my mum in the background. I love that photo!


Cutting the first birthday cake.


Admiring the finer details of the Christmas tree.


It’s these details that put the extra, extra into life!

Or simply a moment of happiness captured.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Room

After an unexpected twist of events, we have just returned home from our local Emergency Department due to our daughter breaking out in a rash while out at the shops. With freak outs that it could be measles or similar, we took her to get checked out quickly.

The doctors said it is viral and related to the temperature she had Thursday night, but they had no serious concerns and ruled out measles (and she is immunised). They sent a swab for testing though just as a precaution but we are otherwise just to keep a close eye on her for any changes. Thankfully she is still her cheerful self and only slightly ‘off’ this past couple of days.

Poor little bubba!

So while she naps in my lap right now, I figure I would do a quick post for this weeks photo prompt – room.

With a house as cluttered as mine can be, I had no intention of sharing rooms inside my house, but this photo from Vietnam inside the Reunification Palace is kinda cool!


Weekly Photo Challenge – Split-Second Story

The weekly photo challenges are always the perfect time to share a few more of our recent holiday snaps from Vietnam. These next couple are iPhoneography pics (a fancy way of saying I took them on my iPhone) and have been put through Instagram with my favourite filter Valencia. But I love the little bits of story they tell from our holiday.

As we were walking along the street on our way to the Ho Chi Minh City War Remnants Museum, a local coconut salesman handed my husband his ‘cart’ to try. Hubby said it was extremely heavy, especially considering he towers over the average Vietnamese local. Impressive!



The powerlines in Vietnam are cause for concern… wouldn’t want to be an electrician!



In transit… flying is hard work!



Love this weeks photo theme. Looking forward to checking out a few photos other bloggers share this week too 🙂

My Week in Stills

This week has gone in a flash with me spending 5 days in work-related training. By the time I got home every night I was completely exhausted and ready for bed, so there were not too many photos through the week. But of course I make up for it on the weekends…

A couple of favourites from the week that’s been (and yes I am well aware that there is a bit of a theme to most of my photos… her name is Lily):




Even a photo of my creative process… although obviously this one was taken by someone else (my husband).





The weather was great here in sunny Queensland this late in Autumn, so there was a lot of opportunities to spend some time outdoors enjoying the warm weather… before winter really does kick in.

In fact, I’ve been out there some more today despite feeling under the weather. Decided it was time to start tackling one of the projects that’s been dormant for about 2-3 years… my severely overgrown weed collection… which is actually meant to be a raised veggie patch. I spent an hour outside this afternoon and am maybe a 3rd of the way through. Yikes! There was one particularly crazy weed that was about the width of a carrot. I spent 10 minutes and still have not defeated this evil growth!

Any gardening tips are most welcome 😉

Weekly Photo Challenge : Work of Art

For this weeks Daily Post photo challenge I am sharing a couple of recent photographs of flowers in my garden. These flowers are great examples of natures own works of art, which are both endless and varied.

20140505-224018.jpg DSC_0497 DSC_0500 DSC_0509


100 Happy Days Challenge


Have heard of the 100 happy days challenge?

I noticed sometime in March this hashtag popping up all over my Facebook and Instagram feeds #100happydays and being the curious person I am, I decided to check it out.

Turns out it’s pretty awesome. Simply a personal challenge to find happiness in some part of your day for 100 days in a row. Doesn’t sound too hard, does it?

It can be the simple things, like enjoying your favourite food, sharing a special moment with a loved one or having a good hair day. Happiness is different for each of us and as it is a personal challenge, there is no one to compete with. It is just a quick way of reminding ourselves to look for a bit of happy in each of our days.

You can post your daily photo to instagram, twitter, facebook etc. Tag them #100happydays… or don’t. Just do it for you maybe! You can find out more here.

You can follow along my progress on Instagram  (Harmonysweetpea). A bit of a contradiction to my life through the lens post here, but this is a pretty darn good excuse to get 1 photo a day 😉 Today mine was chocolate haha Yes, it makes me happy!

For unrelated news… kind of (it is on the topic of photos), Blurb are having a sale. 25% off first orders or 15% off otherwise on photo books until 31st May. Perfect timing… I have a wedding album I need to finish for a friend and this is just the motivation to get it done! Photo books can be expensive business so I try and jump on the sales when they come up.