Stop Hiding Behind the Camera!

Hey you there.  Yes you!

Stop hiding behind that camera!!

Now smile!!

Does the sound of that make you cringe in horror? The very thought of someone taking your picture…Uh oh… and I can hear you thinking it now. “But I never look good in photos.” Or “My hair looks bad.” “This outfit isn’t fit for photographs.” The excuses go on and on. I know, because I too have done it on occasion. The old “Don’t get me, just get the kids” line. Or easier yet, being the one who always takes the photos just to avoid being in them.

But why as mothers are we often so scared of the camera? When you go through your own family photographs from your childhood, if you are lucky enough to have some available, do you notice one of your parents seems to be absent more than the other? How does it make you feel? Personally, I want those memories captured. Photographs tell the story long after the people are not here to tell it themselves. That may sound a little sad but it’s very true. While you might find it hard to imagine someone wishing you were in more photographs, chances are sometime in the future it will be your children or grandchildren or even great grandchildren wishing they had just one more photo of you to cherish.

So I challenge you now… step out from behind that camera and start starring in those pictures. It does not mean you have to be in every photo. But your family and future generations will appreciate it later.

How do you get in more photos, you may ask? There are a few ways.

Hand the camera to someone else. Your partner, your friend, your child, that honest looking stranger walking by. There is nothing wrong with asking someone to take your photo. You need to be present in your memories too.


Use technology. Today we have more and more options to make photography simple. Use the self-timer function on your camera. Reverse the camera on your smart phone and take a good ol’ selfie. Some of my favourite photos from the last year are selfies with my daughter.


Have a professional photo shoot. Gone are the days of your Sunday best and heavily posed photos. These days professional shoots usually mean candid and casual, outdoors and out of the studio. It is a great way of capturing the whole family together and I recommend it every couple of years at least. Especially when the kids are younger.


All these ideas still make you nervous? That’s okay. You can start small. I challenge you right now to start practicing. See, it didn’t hurt at all 😉 I dare you to post your next photo in the comments on this post. Would love to see some mummy pics!

Remember it is not always about looking your best. It’s about being present in your family memories.